Nashville Geoscience, LLC



Nashville Geoscience, LLC was created by James M. Stolle. He has worked 40 years as a geologist interpreting and developing data management of wells and directional surveys. Mr. Stolle received an M.S. degree in Geology from Brigham Young University, specializing in thrust belt geology of the Canyon Range, Juab County, Utah.

Jim has done petroleum exploration for Gulf Oil, Superior Oil, Superior International, and Transco, and well path and directional survey data work for Lassen Geoscience, Digital Directions, Inc., P2ES, and TGS. He started projects that now span the U.S. and Gulf of Mexico.

His primary interest is to combine verified well data with stratigraphic observations gathered from surface exposures and integrate them into industry interpretation efforts.

Joining Jim are other specialists, such as William W. Little, Ph.D, to provide training and other services to industry professionals.