‚ÄčNashville Geoscience, LLC was created by James M. Stolle. He has worked 40+ years as a geologist,

and secondly,  in data management of wells and well path (directional survey) databases.

Jim received a M.S. in Geology at Brigham Young University after attending Oregon State University.

Jim has been in petroleum exploration for Gulf Oil, Superior Oil, Superior International, and Transco,

and has experience in both exploration and development. Secondly  focusing on data interpreters

need: well path control from directional survey data, and well data work done at Lassen Geoscience,

Digital Directions, Inc., P2ES/Tobin, and TGS. He started directional capture projects that now span

the U.S., Gulf of Mexico, Canada and North Sea areas. Jim can draw on world class team specialists,

as needed, for particular geodetic problems.

Primary interest is in proper spatial positioning of all well control, particularly well path control.


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